Social Page Management

Having a solid social page on facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest and other social sites is a strong signal of a well reputed company. People usually check facbook page likes and twitter followers to see that how much the business is popular among customers. Having social pages on all of these sites is critically important to have a solid online presence.

If you are an online company and want to create your official social pages, or want to integrate them with your website or just want to grow your social engagements by getting more likes and followers then we are here to help you. Here is what we can do for you during our social page management services.

Social Page Creation and Integration

We can help you in creating pages and profiles on all social sites if you don’t have already. We can also help you to integrate your social pages with your website so you customers can  see your social activities and popularity signals without leaving your website.

Social Engagement Growth (Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers etc)

After creating a social page of a business the next step is to promote that social page. The promotion of social profiles includes growing social engagements like fb likes, comments views, twitter followers etc. We can help you to achieve this. Our social media experts can promote your social presence in 3 ways.

Dummy Likes

If you are a new business and you don’t have any likes on your fb profile then it can have negative impression on your customer’s mind. To solve it we provide dummy engagement to show customers that your webpages are enough popular on the internet. These types of likes usually don’t produce any sales or traffic but they can make your social profile better. These are also 100% real likes and not the fake one.

Organic Likes/Followers

We can also help you to get organic likes and followers on your social profiles. These likes are not only to show on your social site. the main objective of these likes is to promote a business on social sites so you can gain sales or traffic whenever you share anything on your official FB page.

Paid Likes/Fb Ads/Twitter Ads

These are the social engagements or likes or followers which are gained by running paid advertisement on social sites. These likes help to generate sales by running ads on social sites. We can run facebooks ads, twitter ads and all other social website ads campaigns to promote your business on the internet by paying to social sites.

Social Pages and Profiles Management

We can also help you to manage and update your social pages and profiles.