Keyword Research

Pickin Keyword research is the process of choosing keywords for an Seo campaign. This is the most important part of an Seo strategy which mainly decides success or failure of an Seo campaign. If you choose right keyword, you can rank it in minimum time and can start generating sales or if you choose wrong keyword you can endup with no rankings on top pages of google which will result in wastage of 2 or 3 months of efforts and investments. This is how keyword research is important.

During our keyword research phase we mainly focus on two things. Here is how our Seo process works.

How many customers you may get every month?(Search Volume Analysis)

Choosing the right keyword starts from analyzing search traffic for a keyword. In simple words by this analysis we try to analyze that how many customers your website will be able to receive if we rank your website for that targeted keyword. It also involves analyzing conversion rate to analyze how many customers from each hundred visitors will actually buy your product or services. We only choose keywords with higher conversion rate.   

How long it many take to rank your website on top pages of Google?(Competition Analysis)

After choosing keywords with suitable search traffic we analyze the competition of that keyword to analyze that how long its going to take to rank for that keyword. Each keywords need different amount of links and efforts to rank a website in Google. By analyzing google competition we try to assess that how long it will take to rank a website and how many backlinks it will need. We only use paid and licensed profession tools to conduct our search analysis and competition analysis.

When you can expect results?

We only try to choose keywords for which we can produce results within minimum timeframe however each keyword needs different amount of efforts and time frame so we can’t provide you exact duration or deadline to rank your site on top page. However we can show you progress and ranking growth after one month of starting project. To have an idea, we usually rank a keyword with 100 to 1k search volume within 3 months and a keyword with 1k to 10k search volume within 6 months .